Searching for 25%, 50% or 75% mastered Sentences

Need a way to search for sentences played but not 100% mastered?
I can search for Mastered (100%) sentences, but how to search for sentences 25%, 50% or 75% mastered ?
If using “Playing” to search, the results will be for all playing including the 100% mastered (100% listed first and there is no Sort button or jump to the end of the list)

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Slightly related to this, I would like to be able to adjust the percentages manually for the search results, not just to 0% (“reset”) or 100% (“mastered”). Sometimes I forget to do this when reviewing/playing, and I’ve accidentally already proceeded to the next cloze sentence, and even if I were to “end” the “round” there and then, I’d still only have the options of changing to 0% or 100%.

Ideally it should be possible to do this in both the overview after ending the round, as from the search results.

Furthermore it would be nice if the search results could be ordered in a number of way, e.g. “last played”, “review date”, “percent mastered”, “times played”.

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Well now @ciel-huit and @sindaco, look what I discovered when going to carry out a search on Fluency Fast Track.

I don’t recall seeing this before, but in my opinion it is a very welcome addition to the search capability.

Did @mike sneak in another improvement without telling anyone, or did I miss an announcement?

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The former :slight_smile: We’re working on coming up with a better way to announce these small improvements when they go up.


I think this calls for a celebration :smile:

Thanks for the heads up!

And massive thanks to mike and team for the implementation!

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Ditto. Thanks @mike and team, I rather like surprises! Miguel Green-tie man sums it up nicely! ;-D