Search All Sentences - does not say in which collection a sentence is found

In the list of sentences returned after a search, I cannot find anything that says which collection a sentence belongs to.

My use case is this: I am looking for all occurrences of a word in the current sentence, to see whether this is the only occurrence, in which case I really have to commit this occurrence to memory right now. If, on the other hand, I find that there are plenty more, I should be able to rely on the word recurring later. But that logic does not help me if the other occurrences are in some collection that I never play (I might be limiting myself to the FFT, for example).


Somewhat related to this, I noticed today that the total number of sentences that comes up when you use the search button for French from English is much higher than the total sentences available to play in the collections.

The search function says there are this many sentences:


The total available to play is more like 111,000. I think the 175k was the approximate number before the May update.

This could be an issue if you’re using the search function the way @morbrorper describes above, since it suggests that there are many sentences that will come up in a search but you’d never access playing a collection.


All good points! Thanks for the feedback and describing the use case. Will see if we can get something added.