Saving to "wrong" collection

In my Italian from English course, I am working with a number of collections, both private and shared, and every now and then I encounter errors on saving a new item. The error message is a generic one, so it is only by experience that I have realized, that most often the error is due to my inadvertently trying to save to a shared collection.

At other times, I belatedly realize that I have been saving items to the wrong collection.

It seems that the default for saving to a collection is the collection last used (even for review, which is not intuitive). I think the default instead should be the collection last saved to.

There are actually a number of issues here:

  1. selection of the default collection in the dialog
  2. improve error messages on error when saving an item
  3. do not present shared collections in the dialog
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Thanks for the feedback! That’s all really helpful.

Could you please post or DM the name of a shared collection giving you the error? To be clear - it’s not a shared collection that you’ve created, is that right? Thanks again!

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“Ce, ne, ci + other tricky bits! 1/2” is one of them, owned by @Floria7. I wouldn’t dream of adding to that collection, even if I could. :wink:


@Morbrorper - you are more than welcome to add to my collection. Mia casa è sua casa :wink:


Thanks for the followup! We’ll have a fix for shared collections showing up in the collections list up later today. That should also resolve the error message issue. Collection ordering will likely take a bit more time. Anything else in the meantime just let us know. Thanks again!