Reviews by day, not by exact time

There is one thing that has really been irking me recently using Clozemaster and that’s the fact that I know I’ll have quite a few reviews still left for the day, but I can’t get to them because I think it’s based on the exact time I review them some previous day. Here’s what I mean, say I review a new word at 8 pm the day before, then 1 day later means it will show up at 8 pm or later the next.

The major problem I have with this is that I often review at random times throughout the day, so they’re all spread out. It is very frustrating seeing Review Forecast charts telling me I have, say 160 reviews for the day, but it only shows that I have, say 75 for most of the day because I reviewed the words on a previous day at a later time during the day. This actually happened today (and most days). I don’t want to keep playing new sentences to get up my play count because I just don’t have the time to add hundreds of new sentences a day.

Is there any hope of adding a feature that allows all the reviews for the entire day to show up after a set time? For instance, say I set the new day to start at 3 am. Then all reviews for the day show after 3 am.

Another issue too is that even if I reload the page, it will keep showing 75 reviews until I actually play. So I will often get through 50 reviews only to finish and then it magically says I have, say 120 left because in the time I played, 45 more came up for review. Again, this is just frustrating and would be avoided if I could just access all the reviews for the day after a set “new day” time.

Does this make sense? Please let me know if you need any clarification on what I mean. Thanks!

P.S. I still enjoy Clozemaster a lot. This is just something I hope can at least be set as an option.


Thanks very much for the feedback! This does make sense and it’s really helpful to know. I’ve add ‘daily reviews available at a set time’ to our to-do list. It should be doable, most likely via the Custom Settings, but will take some time to implement. At the moment we’re focused on improving cloze-reading and implementing custom sentence support. Please let me know of course if you have any other feedback or there’s anything else we can do to improve Clozemaster. Thanks again!

Completely agree with reck37’s suggestion above. The review forecasts are frustrating, when they’re either released late in the day or not at all that day.