Review Points Possible Glitch

I noticed that my points added up strangely while doing Chinese reviews today. I finished a round with 142 points for the day, did another round of 10 cloze sentences for 40 points, and after the last question it said I had 174 points (instead of 182), then I did another round of 10 cloze sentences for another 40 points, yet my total was only 194. My Chinese is rusty, and I missed a few answers before getting them right, but I still ended up with 40 points after both of those rounds. Is there some point deduction penalty I don’t know about for missing questions? My internet and cellular connections are strong. The questions loaded quickly and there was no notice of poor internet connection. Also, my reviews cleared as expected. I would think if there were some sort of connection glitch, it wouldn’t display 40 points earned at the end of each round and/or my review counter wouldn’t go down by 10 every round. There would be leftover reviews if the server wasn’t catching all my answers.

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I was able to replicate this with Japanese and French. The system is deducting 2 points for every wrong answer, even if I get the answer correct later in the round. If, for example, I earn 40 points, my daily point count will only go up 38 points if I got one answer wrong during the round, 36 points if I got two answers wrong, etc…

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Is anybody looking into this? I also replicated this on the web version with Japanese. I missed one question during a 10 sentence review. The system said I earned 76 points but my overall Japanese score only increased 74 points and my daily target number only increased 74 points. So, it’s not just with iOS. It’s Web also.

Thanks for letting us know and apologies for the delay! What are the exact steps you’re following so we can be sure we’re replicating the issue accurately? Is it only while playing reviews, and where are you seeing the correct/incorrect points?

The point error is in both new sentence rounds and review rounds. The player is penalized 2 points for every missed answer. Say, for instance, you complete a round and the end screen says “+40 points”, you will only get the 40 points if you didn’t make any mistakes. If you made one mistake, you will only get 38 points. If you made two mistakes, you will get only 36 points–despite that the screen says “+40”, you will not get the 40 points unless the whole round was clean. I was hoping the error was just in the Daily Goal tally, but it is not. It is also in the Total Score for your language. 2 points doesn’t sound like a big deal, but say someone routinely does 200 sentences per day and gets 30 wrong, they’ll be missing out on 60 points every day. It may even be more for direct input, I don’t know, because I mostly use multiple choice. These errors happen when I use iOS and Web. Yes, I know points have little or nothing to do with learning languages, but if we’re displaying scores, they should be correct and they aren’t.

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Thanks for the follow up! Here’s the issue: it looks like you have your 0% Mastered review interval setting set to 1 day. So what happens is, when you answer a sentence incorrectly, its next review is set to the next day. When you play that sentence again, even though it’s in the same round, it’s being considered an early review, and given half the points as a result. We still need to update the UI to show the correct number of points, but that’s the gist of the issue. If you’d like to get full points for incorrectly answered sentences answered again correctly on the same day, you can set your 0% Mastered review interval setting to the default 0 days. We’ll work on fixing the UI in the meantime. Thanks again!


0 days isn’t the default presented to me. It’s 1,1,10,30,180. I changed my most frequently practiced languages to 1,1,10,30,60 based on SuperMem. Changing 0% to 0 days per your advice was difficult. It would not let me choose a value less than 1 day using the Web and via the app it would not let me do it unless I changed it to another value first, then changed to 0. Even so, my values still say 1,1,10,30,60 on the Web even though I changed them in the app. The good news it is behaving like 0 days and that what you’re saying is correct to get the full points. The iOS app is very weird in that when I check my intervals, they keep reverting back to arrows/carrots with blank values, even though I selected and saved 0,1,10,30,60. I also have to jump between the app and the Web to select my percent mastered scheme for reviews. That functionality though is great to have. Being able to work up from 0% reviews is awesome. I’m glad the people who requested that feature kept pressing for it. It’s a game changer in SRS review effectiveness.


Update: the carrots disappeared after several minutes in the app and now updated to say 0,1,10,30,60. They still say 1,1,10,30,60 on the Web though.

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