Review intervals don't work

I have my 100% Mastered review set at 180 days. Yet the sentences continue to come up, marked 100% Mastered, every 5 to 10 days. I currently have nearly 1300 sentences to review as they just keep recycling and there’s no way to get through them all.

The review intervals were working fine until I lost all power for several days. When I returned I’d lost my streak and it seemed to have reset everything.


Down at the bottom of your review settings, check that the review setting is set to “Always Use 100% Mastered review interval setting”

I always have mine set at that, but a couple of weeks ago it changed. I did not change it. Or more precisely I did not intentionally change it and have not yet found a way that it can be unintentionally changed, but change it did. The result was that I was getting algorithmically determined review settings which were, uh, shall we say, “interesting”.

It’s possible that the same has happened to you.

Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the trouble!

Have you changed it at any point? Changing it only affects sentences moving forward, so, for example, if your previous 100% Mastered reviewing setting was 1 day, those sentences would not be changed when you change the setting to 180 days.

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I have changed it, but only between like 180 days and 300 days or something. I’ve never moved it lower than 180 days.