Results unordered on searching "Difficult" clozes

Trying out the search for “Difficult (incorrect >1x)” clozes in a collection, I find that the results appear to be unsorted, making it very hard to find the most difficult entry in a large collection.

My expectation was to find the results sorted, with the clozes having the most incorrect answers at the top, in descending order.


So, to be honest I would have to say that I didn’t have that expectation, just because there’s no other sorting of search results that I can detect. However …

I do agree that getting the “Difficult” search results ordered by which entries are the hardest would be very useful indeed (using the metric you suggest of hardness being defined by the number of incorrect answers).

So as a feature request, I would definitely support this !!

To be honest, the current facility is not particularly useful for me, as I have a number of false positives in my collections (e.g. I had a lot of incorrect answers from accidentally hitting the return key on an empty box, before I discovered I could eliminate this problem using the “Enter submits empty” option), so a search results for “Difficult” returns a lot of entries that I probably don’t actually find that difficult.


Granted! This may be one of the few listings where sorting would make sense, though.


I have found this search - exciting as it is - to be non-functional, returning clozes with zero, one, three, five, etc corrections in any order. I would think zero corrections would automatically be excluded, but it is not so.

You’re comment made me question my memory, so I just tried it now on the Fluency Fast Track for Italian, and …

My results were ordered from most incorrect to least !!!

I think this “bug” may have been fixed.

If you get a moment, please have another look, and let me know if I’m dreaming.


Indeed! Me too! Thanks, @mike :slightly_smiling_face::+1: