Request: "Mark as Known" should require 2, not 3 key presses

I use the “Mark as Known” button frequently. I dislike the fact that each time I do, I need to press a separate confirmation button, and then press the “Next” button to move to the next sentence. I don’t think this should require three key presses when two are sufficient for giving you the option to undo the operation if you do it by mistake. Either the confirmation dialog should be removed, or pressing the confirmation button should take you to the next sentence.

Note that pressing either the “Ignore” or “Ignore All” button from the “Ignore”/“Ignore All” dialog does take you to the next sentence.

I agree with you, it can be annoying to have to click more buttons than necessary. And I also want to point out:

What if you know a word but also want to add that sentence to your favorites or a collection? For example, you have a collection called “Idioms” or “Phrases useful at the workplace” (for example, “I cannot finish this task before next Tuesday.”).

Then the order of button presses becomes important because if you mark the sentence as known before you perform the other action, then the sentence is gone before you can perform the additional actions (mark it as favorite, add it to your collection of idioms, add a note or alternative answer).

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