Request for Streak Freeze

Lost a 130 day streak – again .

Two hours to late. I mean Clozemaster is so sketchy in so many ways but often you forgive it. But this non-feature of not having a streak freeze is starting to really irritate me.

If the feature would be comparative to Duolingo, I realistically would probably have a streak more or less in the 600n day ballpark, which is much more representative of my actual effort.


Lost my streak 8 days ago. It was well over a thousand days. Had an Achilles tendon rupture, working out, and I spent 11 hours in the emergency in the Hospital. I was upset, for about … 5 minutes, and then I realized that there are more important things in life. So, I started another streak. No big deal. My motivation is still the same. My goal is to learn a new language.

Btw, I did not lose it on Duolingo bec I paid for the streek freeze. I feel like it’s cheating. My streak on Duo is over 3000 days and I broke it a few times over the yrs. But, it’s still there because I paid for the freeze.


Hope you’ve been making a good recovery!

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