Request for gentler status reset on wrong answer

I find that I am constantly working around the progress being reset to 0% after a wrong answer, by manually setting the progress a step back from what it was before. I wish there was a setting which made the system do this automatically: a wrong answer should only take you back one step in the progress ladder.

Rationale: If you fail a cloze on 75%, you have already seen it a number of times, and going back to zero will needlessly fill up your review queue for some time onward. Therefore, the progress should only be reset to 50%. It is very possible that the shock of having answered wrongly will make you master it the next time. If not, well then you will have another go some time later, and you will master it eventually. If you really feel that you want to start over again, you can always reset to 0% manually.

If this were implemented, I might be ready to forego some of the typing hints that are currently helping me avoid the dreaded 0% reset.

I know, this will only work for some people, so it should be optional.


Good idea. I envision this to be a good alternative to always going back to 0%, so I’d definitely try it on my reviews.

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I personally like the default of resetting it back to 0, because if I miss a word. I’m a paying subscriber, so I can manually reset it higher if I accidentally hit a key causing me to miss something.

But I agree with you that what is optimal can vary from person to person and it might be better to give people the option of doing it however they want.


I agree. We can have options but I’m more of a ‘welp I obviously don’t know it as well as I thought’ type of guy.

You can hit ‘edit’ and set the percentage after getting it wrong however. Sometimes I move it to 25% or 50%, especially if I accidentally get it wrong, (my thumb hits the wrong word)



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I agree that this can be achieved by manually resetting the percentage, but it breaks my focus, so it would great to have it done automatically.