Request: add ability to respond directly to an updated sentence notification

I’m always glad to see an updated sentence notification regarding a change I suggested. However, sometimes I see an issue with the change and want to respond further. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do this from the e-mail, not even a link to the sentence in question. For instance, I recently received this e-mail:

telling me that the text had been updated in response to my report. However, it also said that the wording in the “Notes” field (which I didn’t address) had been updated, and I think this wording is misleading. Here it is:

The verb “להושיע” is a much stronger version of “להציל”, which has a redemption or salvation context to it.

I believe that what is meant is this:

The verb “להושיע”, which has a connotation of redemption or salvation, is a stronger version of “להציל”.

The problem is that there’s no way to send a message in response to the notification I received. I can search for the sentence, press the “Collections” button, find the appropriate collection, and write a forum post about it (which I did). But I don’t know whether the same people who respond to complaints posted via the “Report” button read forum posts. Though admittedly I don’t read comments on individual sentences very often, I can’t remember ever seeing someone from the Clozemaster team submitting a reply to a forum post regarding an individual sentence that says “This sentence has been changed”.

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