Radio Timer not working properly

The brand new timer feature in Clozemaster Radio isn’t working for me: the timer is paused as soon as the device goes into standby mode. This means that even if I have the Radio function play sentences all night, the timer will never count down to zero, unless I keep the screen lit all the time.

How to reproduce:
0) Start Clozemaster Radio on a collection of your choice.

  1. Start a timer for 1 minute.
  2. Verify that the timer is counting down, and note the current time left.
  3. Put the device in standby mode.
  4. Verify that the voices are being played.
  5. Wait one minute.

Expected behavior: The voices should stop playing after about a minute.
Actual behavior: The voices keep on playing long after one minute. Wakening the device, you will see that the timer has only counted down a few seconds.

App version: 2.8
Device: Moto g(7) power, Android 10


I’m seeing the same thing.

In addition to that it took a LOT of attempts to get the sentences to start playing after I set the timer.