Radio Mode <3

I mostly just want to say that I love the Radio Mode!

I know it’s still in Beta, but I really hope the team continues to develop it.

It’s very nice to have a hands-free, passive option for when I’m working or playing video games.

If I were to suggest anything, it would be to have it available on the website as well (instead of just mobile) so that I could have it playing on my 2nd monitor instead of just on my little phone screen sitting up on a stand.

Also, if there were any way to control the speech-speed, it would be nice for less familiar languages to have it play the first sentence at like 80% speed, then the 2nd one at full speed.

Also, I noticed that there’s a new Explain feature for some of the sentences in normal mode (powered by Chat GPT). That is ALSO an awesome feature, and if that were to appear for sentences on Radio Mode, all the better!


I want to second the request for speed control as well as second the overall love of the feature.

If you have a Mac you can download the iPad app from the App Store and use it on the desktop computer.

What I’ve been tinkering around with lately is having ChatGPT or Bard generate content for me in both Spanish and English (in spreadsheet format, Spanish on the left & English on the right) and then I can bulk upload those sentences into a custom collection.

This seems like it could be a really cool way for me to generate Clozemaster Radio content for myself that maybe has a little more continuity to it than just the Fluency Fast track (which has been great, but each sentence is admittedly pretty random and context-less). Maybe I could do a random short story or a mini-essay on a historical topic of my choosing. :thinking:

The small issue I seem to be running into is that when I play the few collections that I’ve created in Radio Mode, they still play in random sequence.

Is there any way to get around that? I’m pretty sure when creating the collection initially, there’s an option to Play Sentences in Order Added, which I thought I selected, but it doesn’t seem to be working and I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong or the functionality just doesn’t exist yet or what…

Anyway, still loving the app! Hope everyone reading this is well.


I also have been using chatGPT to create thematic/situational content and using it with radio. I’m loving it and don’t mind the random aspect, but it would be nice to know if the random algorithm would eventually cover all the content.