Quote sign treated as part of word

If a word has a quote sign immediately before it, clicking the word brings up the word with the quote sign included.


Hmm, I recognise the problem from when I had to put a full-stop next to the word to have it marked “correct”. Thankfully it was a one-off. Cheers!

Ah, I had one of those in the Listening collection too. But to be fair, the guy also pronounced “punto”, but still I wasn’t expecting it. And a sneaky abbreviation (“ecc.”), which also wanted the full-stop, rather than the whole word written out.

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I’m not sure whether the full stop problem is germane to this one, since the cloze does not contain the the quote sign. However, it is easy to accidentally create a defective custom cloze like this, if one doesn’t watch out. That has actually happened to me a couple of times.