Question: Advanced search with wildcards

I know * (asterisk) works as a wildcard here in Clozemaster sentence search. However, - (minus) doesn’t work to exclude a word from the results. How can I narrow down a target? Here is the example:

I am searching sentences containing a root word “bawa” in Indonesian (meaning: “to bring” or “to take”). Like other Asian languages, Indonesian is an “agglutinative language”. “Bawa” is spelled in several forms such as “membawa” (the same meaning as “bawa”); “dibawa” (passive form); “membawaku” ("-ku" suffix means “me” or “my”, so “bring for me”); “bawalah” (imperative form).

If I use *bawa* for a wildcard search, it also contains a different word “bawah” (meaning: below). I changed the search from *bawa* to *bawa* -bawah in order to exclude “bawah”, but it didn’t work.