Quel tipo non lo rivedrò mai più.

Carla is definitely not saying “tipo” here. Any clues, ragazzi?

“Quel tipo…” è corretto in italiano
C’è anche il film “Quel tipo di donna” (That kind of woman) con Sophia Loren.

Curiously enough, the sentence is linked to the Tatoeba sentence “Quel gong non lo rivedrò mai più”, (I won’t see that gong anymore). What’s gonging on here?


Ah when I previously encountered this about a month ago, it sounded like “gong” indeed, but today Carla is back on track with “tipo”

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I won’t see that guy anymore.

Anyone care to elaborate on “tizio” vs “tipo” here? I see both on CM. Theory…is “tizio” like a disparaging “dude” while “tipo” is more respectful?

They have the same meaning, tizio is referred only to a person, tipo has more meanings