Provide "N Most Common Dictionary Words", or at least subcategories of rarer inflected words

Currently, the “Most Common Words” category for Russian ends with subcategories “50,000 Most Common” and “>50,000 Most Common”. One might think that cloze words with even lower frequency would not be worthwhile for learners. But in fact, the frequency refers to a specific form of a word, not its canonical dictionary form. Since there are so many inflected forms of a word in Russian, and the frequency is spread out among all of them, even the “>50,000 Most Common” subcategory contains quite common words. So even though I’m exclusively playing words from this subcategory by now, I’m no longer encountering genuinely new words very often. This makes Clozemaster less helpful to me than it could be.

Would it be possible to replace the “>50,000 Most Common” subcategory with “60,000 Most Common”, “70,000 Most Common” and so on? Or to use a stemmed list to produce a new category with subcategories “500 Most Common Dictionary Words”, “1000 Most Common Dictionary Words”, and so on? The cloze words themselves could be restricted to the N most common dictionary words, or they could also include inflected forms of these words, whichever would be most feasible.


I think this is relevant for many other languages as well, such as Finnish for its many cases.