Possible bug in "Max reviews per round", possibly just custom collections

This may affect other collections as well, but it’s hard to tell given their size compared to the size (so far) of some of my custom collections.

Here’s the problem. Note that I have my “Max reviews per round” set to zero.

I do change the values of these from time to time. (This setting is for my FFT reviews. The normal Mastered setting for a collection like the one below would be (for now) either 20 or 55 days, depending. However I never set the “Max Reviews” to higher than a low single digit number.)

We can see that I have 47 sentences so far on my “What’s On The Menu?” collection, of which 43 are being played. That means that there should be 4 new ones.

What I would therefore expect when I go to play the collection is that I would get only the 4 unplayed sentences, just as when you’re doing reviews the number of sentences adjusts itself to match the number which are up for review.

Instead, if I play 5 sentences per round:

Then I GET 5 sentences. Regardless of the number that you select for the round, if there aren’t enough new sentences then the round will pad itself out with review questions despite the “Max reviews per round” being zero. It isn’t that you’ll get all of the new sentences first so that you can stop at the point that you run out of them; the review questions will be randomly scattered. In this specific case, it came up as the second one.

Yes, you end up with half the points by playing the review question “ahead of schedule”, but it also screws up your review strategy. I choose the spacings that I do with each collection for a reason.

This isn’t a killer bug, but I have a definite demarcation between “new” and “review”; it would be great if the max reviews per round setting were to honour it.

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I noticed this also in my custom Māori collections. Having just added a bunch of new sentences, you’d expect to be presented with only these upon hitting PLAY, given that reviews are set to Zero. But that’s not what happened. Rather, review sentences were given preference over new ones, forcing me to play on and on without even reaching the end of my new sentences. A bit frustrating, as I want to get the new ones into the rotation as quickly as possible, not lose them in the heap somewhere.

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