Points per sentence

how are points assigned to sentences? When I finish the sentence correctly on the first try, I have received 8, 12, 16 or 24 points. The points seem to change day by day. Yesterday and today I got only 8 points. The previous few days I got upto 24 points per sentence.
I have set 10 sentences per session. So two days ago I was getting 200+; today for a session I am getting 80+ points.
What is the explanation?
I signed up for 6 months, so not free. I think that allows me PRO privleges.

It depends on how you answer the sentence. If you type it in (or use speaking mode) you get double the points that you would get compared to using the multiple choice option.

It won’t be on your first try. In a standard exercise (by which I mean “Fluency Fast Track”, “Most Common Words”, “Grammar Challenges”, etc), your score increases every time you answer the question up to the 4th time.

The first time you see it, it is 0% mastered. You will get 4 points for getting it right if you use multiple choice, 8 points if you use typing/speaking.

The next time you see it, if you got it right the first time, it is 25% mastered. (Obviously this does not tie to reality; some words you will need to see dozens of times in different contexts, some you “get” straight away. However it’s how the system works.) If you answer it correctly, you will get 8 points if you use multiple choice, 16 if you use typing or speaking. If you get it wrong, it goes back to 0% mastered and you start again.

(When is “the next time you see it”? It will be in your “Ready for Review” section after a certain number of days. How MANY days depends on what you have your Review Settings set to.)

If you did get it right again, the next time you see it it will be 50% mastered. Get it right one more time, and you get 12 points if you use multiple choice, 24 if you type / speak it. Get it wrong, and… we know what happens.

If you keep getting it right, the next time you see it it will be 75% mastered because you will have answered it correctly 3 out of a possible 4 times. If you get it right again, you will get 16 points if you use the multiple choice option, 32 points if you use the typing/ speaking option.

And that’s it, that’s the maximum number of points that you can score on a sentence. If it shows up in a Review and you still get it right, you get 32 points again and it stays as 100% mastered. (The mastery percentage should appear at the top right of the screen.) It will STAY at 100% mastered unless either (a) You get it wrong, and it resets to 0% and you start again; or (b) You click on the reset button for the sentence (which does the same thing) or (c) You reset the whole collection that the sentence is in (which also does the same thing, but for every sentence in the collection.)

Some special categories have different scoring systems. Playing a sentence in your “Favourites” collection (if you have any) will get you only 2 points, no matter how you play it. With Cloze Reading you have to select from a multiple choice list and get only 4 points per word, 2 if your first entry is wrong. I don’t believe that Cloze Listening gives any points at all.

Your profile shows you:

Playing 1,148 sentences
Mastered 18 sentences

So my GUESS would be that you were recently playing sentences which were closer to mastery (the 18 that you have mastered) and which were earning you higher points, but you’re now doing a greater bunch of new sentences which are probably only at 25% mastery. That’s a relatively low “mastered” percentage so I suspect that you’re doing more (a LOT more) new sentences rather than staying on top of your Reviews (which is what will yield the higher point counts).

That one doesn’t have anything to do with it. Non-pros earn the same points in the same way… but they are restricted to doing 30 sentences per day.

Hopefully this answers your questions. The system isn’t that unintuitive but it could probably be explained better in the Help system. Hopefully this post covers the bases in that regard.


Thank you so much for your reply. Covers all my questions.

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