A sentence popped up using pöang - which Google says is “point” - but it doesn’t exist according to SAOL or my Prismus (unless I use the English-Swedish side - then it says Punkt or Pöang).

Is it an en-noun and why can i not find it? Is it not widely used? Does it only mean point? Have I used up my question quota today?? Tack

I think you mean “poäng”. :slight_smile:

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yup - finger trouble!!! tack

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glosbe.com lists it as an -en noun & meaning point using wiktionary & this as sources


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I don’t know what time of day it was, when I typed the original, but I’d typed and looked up pöang instead of poäng. Now that I’ve looked again - it’s in both the places mentioned. Clearly me having a brain burp! (polite version). :grinning: