Playing the audio in the Android app (Vocabulary Mode)

I know that work on updating the apps for Clozemaster is continuing, but I thought I’d put my hand up for one particular pain point.

When in Vocabulary mode on the desktop / web, regardless of whether it’s new content or review content, if you get stuck you have a couple of choices. (This can happen when the cloze word is, to put it charitably, one which is used less commonly in that context.) One is that you can hit the multiple choice key. At least on the desktop you still have the option of typing the answer in (an action which I regard as important to retention); on the app you can’t, you just have to select the button.

The other, in Web, is to hit Ctrl + Space to play the word. This is my “go to” method in Web. But on a phone, and sometimes on a tablet even… there is no Ctrl key. There is (as far as I know), no way to instruct the app to “say it” if you’re in vocabulary mode. (Nor is there one to instruct the app to record since that is Ctrl + Enter, but that’s another issue.)

I still do the overwhelming amount of my study in the web interface but now that we are gradually returning to the office in the late pandemic stage, I’m using the app on the phone more often.

However it’s implemented, it would certainly be nice to have the same functionality on the app (in terms of interacting with the questions) as can be found in the Web.

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