Pinyin for custom collections

I’m new to learning Mandarin (something I can’t imagine even trying without great apps like this one and inspiration from others who learn multiple languages). I’ve set up a custom collection with some Duolingo sentences so I can get extra practice on both listening and character recognition, while mixing up the sentences so I don’t have the hint of what topic they come from.

Would it be possible for the pinyin to appear when you click on the characters after answering? None of the links that come up seem particularly helpful for providing the pinyin, so I’ve been using a separate character dictionary.


I realise I can add the pinyin manually, but it usually doesn’t come up in Duolingo for the questions that I’m taking my imported sentences from, so I don’t have it handy.


(I remember Mike asked in a poll recently whether we wanted collections based on Duolingo, and most of us said no. Now I’m trying a difficult-to-me language, I can see the value!)

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