Page re-centering in multiple choice mode

On the website, when I am doing multiple choice, the page re-centers after selecting an answer, making the whole page slide up and then when you move on to the next sentence the whole page slides down again. I’ve been trying to just get use to it, but I can’t. It’s just so visually irritating to have the whole page slide up and down, over and over, sentence after sentence. I’ve tried hiding the translation and adjusting the zoom in my browser and nothing keeps the page from re-centering in a way that makes the whole page slide up and down (I’m using Chrome).

I suspect this was a change done so that the multiple choice answers wouldn’t get cut off at the bottom of the viewable screen after answering, and if this is an correct assumption, I do not find this to be an improvement at all. It really is much easier on my eyes and my ability to concentrate if the main focus of the page–the sentence itself–stays in one place before and after answering.


Same for me. I would consider this a bug because de movement of the page is really disturbing.
The only way to use the website at the moment is to scale the website until the whole page fits on the screen (Keyboard “-” in my case).


This should now be fixed / the auto-scrolling removed - thanks for letting us know it was an issue!