Once I finish all of the 'new' sentences, how do I keep going?

It’s been about five months and I have got through all 6,000+ sentences of the ‘new’ material for Romanian. I haven’t mastered all of them yet, so some sentences show up periodically to do as ‘Review’. But I see that others are doing more than the 6,000 sentences and i wonder if there is a way to keep up the learning. Mersi!

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Congrats! :tada: That’s awesome progress.

How do you mean you see that others are doing more than 6,000 sentences?

Your best option at this point might be to move on to the Grammar Challenges and Cloze-Reading. The Cloze-Reading especially might be a good fit for practicing with more context, vocab, and complex sentences.

how do I mean that others are doing more than 6,000 sentences? (for in the romanian board there is a total of 6,000 sentences to learn).

Well, for example, there is one person at the top of the romanian board who seems to be continuing on after hitting the maximum, and now shows as having “played” almost 10,000 sentences and having mastered almost 8,000. For the last couple of days I have been doing the same thing, using the green “play” button, and it gives me some sentences i have seen before, likely ones that haven’t reached ‘mastered’ yet. But I keep seeing the same sentences over and over, and the value is diminishing over time. I suspect that i will follow your suggestion of working on the grammar + reading exercises, even though it essentially means giving up on the points competition. Mersi…

I think it would be nice if you could keep working through the entire bank of sentences on a randomly generated basis using the green “Play” button even after you finish the Fluency Fast Track. I use the site to practice listening comprehension and am not interested in grammar challenges where there’s no option to hear the sentence before you see it. I’d much rather be able to tackle those same sentences on the same basis as the Fluency Fast Track - i.e. hear them before I see them, and have them come up for review on a regular schedule.


I have since figured out that after the Fluency Fast Track, you can work on the All Sentences section below. That kept me going for another 18 months!