On Chrome+Android+Samsung, key icon with bar suddenly appeared

In Chrome on my Samsung Android phone, I suddenly started seeing a bar with a key icon on the left-hand side that blocks a crucial part of the screen:

If I click on the key icon, it brings me to a password manager that I don’t need:

There’s nothing I can do for any of these options that makes the bar go away.

Contrary to what the text “No saved passwords for www.clozemaster.com” suggests, I do have a saved password for clozemaster.com, as can be seen when “Manage passwords” is selected.

Using a different keyboard (Samsung Keyboard vs. Multiling O Keyboard) doesn’t help. Neither does restarting Chrome, or the phone.

I don’t see this bar in Firefox on the same Samsung Android phone. Nor do I see it in Chrome on a Moto Power Android phone. Nor do I see it in other sites in Chrome on the Samsung Android phone.

My guess is that Clozemaster+Chrome+Android thinks the cloze field is a password field rather than a plain text field.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this, @mike, since it makes Clozemaster significantly harder to use in Chrome on my Samsung Android phone.

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@alanf. I’m so glad you’ve raised this. I have EXACTLY the same problem on Chrome, Firefox and Samsung such that I cannot use Text input which either takes me to blank screen (on app) or white stripe with key on web version. It’s driving me crazy.

All updates are in order and tablet 100% healthy.

@mike - HELP, PLEASE!

Stripe at foot of keyboard.

Stripe top of keyboard.

@Floria7, I don’t see this on Firefox on my Samsung or Moto mobile devices, and I only use Text Input mode. Do you ever see a message that says “No saved passwords for www.clozemaster.com”, like I did?

It looks like the key is associated with the “Safe Browsing” feature on Android, and perhaps with use of a VPN. You could try searching the web for more information. Perhaps these might be useful:

12 Android settings that'll strengthen your security | Computerworld (see No. 3)

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Thank you @alanf. I’ll try tomorrow when the head is clearer. I’ve gone slightly cranky after three hours of “trying”.

Regards to you… :wave:

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This is a nuisance indeed. Please look into this, @mike.

Interestingly, I didn’t have this problem at the time it was reported; it only showed up after I updated my browser to a newer version.

Vivaldi browser on Android 10.

Key icon on white bar - me too. So annoying I can’t work on Text input and have to use Multiple choice. I thought it was just me (on chrome). However, I discovered the interesting use of the app but it would be good to use Text input again.

And as others mentioned a message says “No saved p/word for Clozemaster” which I do have. A mystery.