On Chrome+Android+Samsung, key icon with bar suddenly appeared

In Chrome on my Samsung Android phone, I suddenly started seeing a bar with a key icon on the left-hand side that blocks a crucial part of the screen:

If I click on the key icon, it brings me to a password manager that I don’t need:

There’s nothing I can do for any of these options that makes the bar go away.

Contrary to what the text “No saved passwords for www.clozemaster.com” suggests, I do have a saved password for clozemaster.com, as can be seen when “Manage passwords” is selected.

Using a different keyboard (Samsung Keyboard vs. Multiling O Keyboard) doesn’t help. Neither does restarting Chrome, or the phone.

I don’t see this bar in Firefox on the same Samsung Android phone. Nor do I see it in Chrome on a Moto Power Android phone. Nor do I see it in other sites in Chrome on the Samsung Android phone.

My guess is that Clozemaster+Chrome+Android thinks the cloze field is a password field rather than a plain text field.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this, @mike, since it makes Clozemaster significantly harder to use in Chrome on my Samsung Android phone.