Oh no! There was an error retrieving sentences

I cannot use Round History button in order to retrieve and manage Colection. It shows the following error:
"Oh no! There was an error retrieving sentences. Sorry about that. Please try again and let us know if you see this message again."

I’ve been getting a lot of error messages like this, too, for the last couple of hours, making it difficult to use Clozemaster, when I want to make progress. Error saving/updating. Also, I’m finding it hard to access the site - I get a message saying " The page isn’t redirecting properly". Perhaps @mike could kindly help out here? I’m using Firefox. Tried Chome too, but the same issue there. The Android phone app seems to work fine.

@Roberto.Melgaco sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting us know! Might you be able to send a screenshot or screen recording to support@clozemaster.com? What language pairing, collection, skill, and mode are you playing when it happens?

@FlinkPoyd sorry for the trouble! We’ve had to perform some maintenance that’s resulted in some flakiness. We should be running smooth now - please let us know of course if you’re still seeing any issues. The changes were DNS related, so you may have to clear your cache, try an incognito browser, etc.

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Thank you, mr. @mike , everything went smoothly today, at last. Good job!
If things start to go astray again I will make sure to provide all the necessary documentation, thank you for the advice.

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