Offline work out-synching existing wor

@mike Sorry to be a pain but my offline synching seems a bit off. This morning on line:

Played 25 reviews, points 560 - Goal 500 (747 days streak).

After synching some offline work about 2 hours later, I read:

Played 51 reviews, points 544 - Goal 500 (747 ditto)

I can live with a 16 point loss but it makes me dubious about offline work. I have screenshots but not sure how to attach, sorry. WiFi is strong, I’ve checked everything I can think of. Any advice would be appreciated. Floria7

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@mike Sorry to nag, but something is amiss with my timings - Streak 938 and Italian 747 was recorded for yesterday Wed 9th Feb, in fact it was 938 and 747 on the 8th Feb!

Just a bit concerned my GMT is not working or that my work is not recording correctly.

Thanks in anticipation… Floria7

Ps. It’s obviously an offline synching problem so I’ll just avoid offline for a while.

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@Floria7 sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting us know! Please stick with playing online for now if that’s an option while we take a look.


Ciao @mike You are most kind! Tonight my Overall streak and Italian streak are looking better. I’m more than happy with this, and don’t want you working any overtime :wink: Best regards to all.

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