Number of people learning Russian English

Is there way to know the total number of people learning Russian from English?

11,996 have started, 481 are learning it this week.

How do I know that?

I just briefly added myself to that language, went into the 100 most common collection, and kept hitting the first option in multiple choice until I got one question right (because I have little idea about the Russian alphabet), then checked the scoreboards.

I was at the bottom of the all time scoreboard (in 11,997th place with 4 points), and at the bottom (in 482nd place) for the week.

There may be a few more who have their scores hidden, but probably not enough to make a material difference. There may also be people who started but then deleted the language (me, for example) but again probably not many. Subtract 1 from my places shown on the leaderboards because Iā€™m no longer there, and you get the totals in the first paragraph.