Nuestra reja es de hierro.

I selected “valla” instead of “reja” and it was marked wrong.

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Here in Clozemaster there is only one correct answer, even if they have the same meaning , they teach you word by word.
And well, these two words have not exactly the same meaning.
“Valla” is fence, and “reja” is more used as bars, but some people also use it for fence.


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Like “tras las rejas” “behind bars” (jail). I guess “valla” isn’t common for iron bar fences.

If they fences they can always be called “valla”. I would only use “rejas” for window bars, jail bars, etc.

Thanks. So if the sentence is “Nuestra _____ es de hierro.” and two tiles come up “valla” and “reja” you have to guess between the two. I guess “reja” somewhat implies iron.

Maybe, Spanish has a lot of variants :smile:, I am just saying what I would use.