Notification about updated sentence should contain link to sentence, if possible

I was thrilled this morning to discover 21 notifications of sentences that had been corrected in response to my requests. This must mean that a Russian moderator has been added to the team, as you said was going to happen. Many thanks!

One issue was that the new content of one of the sentences was incorrect. The sentence (Russian to English) is:

Серия поражений лишила нас силы духа

and the change was in the translation:

A miserable sequence of defeats discouraged us. >>> Sequence of defeats discouraged us.

However, the new version should start with “A”:

A sequence of defeats discouraged us.

An additional problem is that there’s no obvious way to reply to the e-mail to report the new problem. Should I simply send a reply to “”, who is listed as the sender, or will that bounce back? There’s no link to the sentence in the e-mail that would help me get to it and use the “comment” button to start a thread about it on the forum. In fact, even when I search for the sentence, there’s no obvious way to post a comment based on it.


Thanks for the feedback! And good points - we’ll work on improving this process. In the meantime please just reply to the email like you mentioned and we’ll get it updated.


Okay, I will do that. Thanks.

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