Notes in Cloze-Collection import

I tried to import a entire file (~600 sentences)
In the previsualisation pane, 3 columns are correctly filled : sentence, translation and notes
But after clicking save, and come back in cloze-collection to see imported sentences, all notes is missing

Here an exemple of 2 lines :
Ladies and gentlemen,Mesdames et messieurs,00:00:00
welcome to the most anticipated event,bienvenue à l’événement le plus attendu,00:00:01

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Maxime,

Thanks for posting and sorry for the trouble! Just to confirm - was the file extension .csv? If you’re comfortable with it, might you be able to email the file to We’ll work on trying to reproduce the issue in the meantime.

Thanks again!

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Hello mike,
yes it was a csv file.
I’ll write an email with all information and csv file in attachment :wink:


@Mablaise this should now be fixed - please let us know of course if notes still aren’t importing properly, and thanks again for letting us know!

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Hi, i just tried again
It works now !


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