Not sure if this is a bug but your new sentence caps seem weird as they get to the upper limits

On English to Russian:

10000 most common - capped at 10000 sentences
20000 most common - capped at 10000 sentences (this is fine if it covers all the 10000 newest words above the 10000)
50000 most common - capped at 10000 sentences ???

The 50000 most common is weird because this would indicate there are 30000 words to have sentences but the 10000 limit would only cover 1/3 of them for clozes.

Now if that’s all there is available uniquely in the 50000 that just is what its but it just seems odd math wise looking at it.


Yeah I noticed this too. Why cap the amount of sentences? I like having several sentences/contexts to learn the same word. This is the exact opposite of what I’d hoped for. :confused:


Good point and agreed! The plan is to eventually split larger collections like the 50,000 Most Common Words collection into two or more collections (so for example we might end up with 30,000 Most Common and 40,000 Most Common collections as well). Trying to adequately cover 30,000 words in a single collection as we add sentences would be too much.


Oh okay this sounds awesome! So eventually more content might be added, just divided into more manageable/even bins? That would be really nice.


I also think that sounds good. If there was more advanced vocabulary, there’s no reason someone couldn’t keep using the site for a very long time to continue to learn new words. I read a novel in French during the recent lockdown and kept thinking to myself “I wish more of these words were in Clozemaster!” (I know I can create collections myself, and have added a few sentences, but find it very time-consuming.)


I think it is even worse because i have not idea how the added sentences can easily be added to Tatoeba. From my point of view giving back to Tatoeba will strengthen Clozemaster in the long run.

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