Non vi fidate dei vostri istinti?

German Translation

Vertraust du nicht deinem Instinkt?

Should be “Vertraut IHR EUERM Instinkt nicht” afaics.

– I’ve come across about 3 phrases in the last ~50 where the translation points to the wrong person, many times 2nd person singular instead of 3rd singular, which is a bit confusing…


You are indeed correct, this is one of those cases where there were no direct translations between the language pairings and this is probably a linked translation of a translation, via a language like English, which doesn’t distinguish between singular and plural “you” in a lot of cases, like I raised here - the ES-IT, NL-IT, PT-IT etc language pairings unfortunately seem to suffer from the same issue.


The Italian sentence could use the “voi” as a formal you; however it is odd to say “vostri istinti” even if you are talking to a “plural you”: it is more common to say: “Non vi fidate del vostro istinto”.

“Istinti” in the plural form, is generally used to talk about instincts that go against the “public moral”, such as sexual desire.


Here’s an example for translation with 2nd singular instead of 3rd (as mentioned, I’ve seen many more like it):

“Che sta faciendo?” – “Was machst du gerade?”

Reading the Italian, it’s obviously 3rd person, “What is (s)he doing?” / “Was macht er/sie gerade?”. The only explanation I can see is that it’s gone through English (“What are you doing”, reading 3SG as formal), but this would be “Was machen Sie gerade” in German.

Is there a mechanism to report these? Does it get noticed and maybe approved for everyone if I change the translation via “edit sentence”?

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Look for the red icon labeled “Report”.

No, your edits are private.


Ah ok will do thanks. I thought that was to report inappropriate phrases.