No listening clozes today

When I press the “play” button for cloze listening today, I only get an empty screen.
Is it a bug or is it finally advancing from beta?

Edit: Digital naive (no “t” missing :wink:) I am.
I thought “the system” would know, that I am doing Italian from English on a Windows System.

I don’t have any problem with the listening x the transcribe mode as well as the text input mode for the Indonesian course on my iOS app (latest version). Maybe your course was just in the midst of audio replacement? You’d better clarify your language course, device and version to file a bug report.

Ciao @MRgK. Italian Listening tutto va bene. Hope you get sorted soon.

This happens to me off and on every few weeks, especially in Safari. I have had better luck using Chrome.

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Thank you for the advice! Chrome instead of Firefox works (and Android as well).

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