No audio on new sentence

  1. Language - English to Danish
  2. Trying to learn or to review sentences - hit the Review button
  3. A sentence comes on screen but no sound
  4. Somehow enter the missing word properly
  5. The sentence is then properly read out loud

This makes learning completely impossible. Please, please fix it

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I agree. Hearing the sentence first is a key element to develop listening skills. This should be a checkbox in the options.

My error. I did not select “listening”. It all works fine. Nice update.

@opb123 Glad to hear that’s all it was! :slight_smile:

@rozyczko are you selecting listening as the skill? Also are you playing on the web or in the mobile app, and which browser/device/OS?

Yes, I didn’t notice/select the “listening” option.
Seems to work fine now.