No audio on Ctrl+Space for first question in Vocabulary mode

This is another almost ridiculously small issue that I again hesitate to even mention, but I came across it when I was doing some checks for the previous issue.

If you are doing reviews of Vocabulary skill (Text Input mode) and can’t recall the cloze word, you can usually hit Ctrl+Space to play the word. However on the very first word of the set, this does not work. (And it has to be the first set; if you are continuing on with another set, the first question of the second set works just fine.)

There is a workaround to this; if you type a key, any key, it will activate the Ctrl+Space shortcut for the first word. Actually if you click on another tab in the browser and return to the question (as I did while writing this post) it will also work just fine.

It’s not something that needs any particular attention, then; more just an aside.

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Thanks for letting us know! It may be due to some browsers requiring user interaction before allowing audio to play (in other words they don’t allow audio to auto-play), and it may be that a click is required. We’ll see if we can come up with a solution.

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