Next review date unaffected by manual master or reset [fixed]

I find that the next review date is unchanged after I manually master or reset a sentence. This makes my workflow a lot harder, forcing me to use edit dialog instead.

How to reproduce:

  1. Make sure that you have a long review period for 100% mastered.
  2. After answering a new cloze, open the edit dialog and make a note of the next review date. Quit the dialog without saving changes.
  3. Press the check-mark button to confirm the manual update.
  4. Open the edit dialog and check the next review date.

Alternatively, do the equivalent to reset a partially mastered sentence - you will find that the next-review date is not reset to tomorrow or whatever you have in your settings.

Desired outcome: The next review date should have changed according to your settings.
Actual outcome: The next review date is unchanged.


In the screenshot, I had expected the next review date to be approximately 2020-12-04 (90 days from now).


Thanks for the bug report! The list of steps and screenshot were super helpful :+1: This should now be resolved.