Next Button Missing in Safari

Using Safari browser 11.1.1, sometimes after entering a text answer, the NEXT button does not appear. When this happens, if I click on the ? and select my answer from the choices, then the NEXT button appears as expected. So far I have not found any other way to force the system to continue.

Sorry about and thanks for letting us know! I’m having some trouble reproducing the issue though - next time it happens can you please take a screenshot and post it here? Also do you have any adblockers enabled or anything like that?

I eventually discovered that the problem occurred when I moved my cursor out of the text box. So I might enter the missing word, but instead of immediately keying “return” I would move the mouse to elsewhere in the page. Maybe I would accidentally touch the mouse or touchpad, or maybe I would go to a different website to look up a word or to another application to make a note. For whatever reason I would move the cursor away from the text box. Then when I returned to that page, clicking on “return” had no effect. The “Next” button did not appear and I didn’t know what to do. The issue is easily resolved by clicking in the text box and then pressing the “enter” key.