New Greek list

I have created a list of about 250 sentences and phrases in (generally) more advanced modern Greek. These sentences are taken from dictionaries, Glosbe, Greek books, and Greek newspapers. The list is named ‘Greek 1’, and I’ve shared it, although I understand that only pro users are able to access shared lists. Note: I am not a native speaker of Greek, and welcome any comments or corrections.

Are any of the sentences from copyrighted sources? Clozemaster may not be able to use them. I know that Tatoeba (which is the main source for sentences) does not accept such sentences.

Also, where can we find this list? I didn’t know that Clozemaster offered the ability to create one.

I am not sure about the copyright issue. If I need to make the list private again I will certainly do so. I think you can only access a list like this if you are a pro user - should be under the ‘Cloze-collections’ heading on your dashboard. I believe you can also only make such a list as a pro user. I have personally found my own lists very useful in going beyond the those generated from tatoeba. I also have some questions about the quality control on tatoeba, great as that website is.