NEW Fluency Fast Track in German has the same cloze twice in the same collection

I ran into the word “mürrisch” twice in the new Fluency Fast Track for German, Level 7, which contradicts the claim that the clozes in these collections are unique.

Previously, I reported a similar problem for the legacy Fluency Fast Track (Fluency Fast Track in German has the same cloze twice in the same round). @mike said that nonunique clozes tend to be the result of changes to sentences over time, in response to complaints, and that they are a consequence of the fact that when the changes are made, attention is not paid to whether the suggested new clozes match existing ones. However, here we have a duplicate in a brand-new collection. I’m hoping that there’s a way to find and remove the duplicates in the new FFT, not only for German, but for all languages.

I must say that so far I’m not conscious of running into nearly as many duplicates as I did with the legacy FFT (where mike found a duplicate rate of ~1.1%). However, it’s still worth taking a look, especially if it turns out that there are more in other languages.


Thank you for reporting these “bugs”, whose correction will make Clozemaster better for everyone. :heart:

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Glad to do it.

I see that “mürrisch” also appears as a cloze (with the same meaning) in one sentence in FFT Level 6. So there’s an issue with uniqueness across levels, not just within a level.

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