New Fast Track Tracker

Thank you, Mr. Mike! BTW, these new tracks will be available only for English speakers? Because I much would like to do it in Portuguese, in order for learn English.

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Thanks for the awesome work on these collections! I am doing the Spanish one. I really like the generated images being integrated into the background while going through the sentences. That is a great touch.


Welcome and Happy Clozing!

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I’m noticing a bug with that feature enabled, in that the background isn’t properly cleared when the next cloze doesn’t have an image, making the text really difficult to read. @mike


Hello Mike

I was wondering if we could get some stats on the content of the new fast track.

I’m doing the Japanese new fast track now and would love to know how many unique kanji are in all the sentences, how many unique vocab included(not just he closes) Stats like that.

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As I reported here, the new Japanese FFT failed in proper lemmatization. Clozemaster cannot calculate meaningful stats in the first place.

I don’t see how this prevents someone from scraping the sentence database from the new fast track and analysing how many unique kanji are included, what coverage of the joyo kanji this is, how many unique vocab are included in the sentences and maybe even breaking this down by level so you can see what vocab/kanji coverage you’re getting as you ‘level up’.

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Would it be possible to have a page that shows the progress toward the new Fast Track for each language, whether that progress is 0%, 100%, something in between, or “not planned”? That would be more useful than the current presentation of that information in this thread. Even if you provide this information as a single post (periodically updated) within a single thread, rather than a devoted page somewhere in the site map, that would be a big improvement over the current thread, where people need to conduct searches backwards until they find the most recent news for the languages they’re looking for.

I see that the new Fast Track is here for German! I hope it will arrive soon for the other languages I’m studying (Russian, Hebrew, and French).


Is there any update on the Serbian track?

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@mike, it’s amazing just how much the new Fast Track has improved my Clozemaster experience in German!

My situation is that I learned German pretty thoroughly several decades ago, and have retained most of what I knew then, but want to reacquaint myself as quickly as possible with the words I’ve forgotten. Previous to this, I had to choose between two options that didn’t work well for me: (1) the (legacy) Fast Track and (2) the X Most Common Words collections. The (legacy) Fast Track promised that I’d only have to see a word form once, but in order to get to the right level, I would have to plow through many rounds of the high-frequency words that I already know. By contrast, the X Most Common Words collections allowed me to jump in at whichever level of X I wanted, but there were a ton of duplicates within each collection. This meant that I’d have to repetitively choose “Known”, “Ignore” or “Ignore All” for words I knew fully. Even worse, any word that I wanted to review but only as a single instance, I had to go through a laborious process once I encountered a second instance:

  • search the collection for new instances of the word as clozes
  • mark them all “ignore”

By contrast, the fact that the new Fast Track lets you jump in at one of ten “levels” while still offering a unique set of word forms (if not a unique set of words in the dictionary entry sense) is literally a game-changer.

Thank you!


Thank you all for all the feedback and comments! :raised_hands: I’ll try to answer everything above, apologies if I miss anything.

Work in progress to get the new Fast Tracks added for the inverse language pairings as well, ie learning English from Spanish, learning English from Japanese, etc. Likely within the next month or so.

This should now be fixed, please let us know if not.

This should be doable, but will take a bit of time. We can run all through the sentences through MeCab.

I’m updating the initial post with the progress bars, New Fast Track Tracker. Ideally we’ll be able to get it out for every language currently on Clozemaster and then some. As far as how long that takes and when we get to each, that’s TBD and depends on budget. The more people that get Clozemaster Pro the more we’ll be able to do! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s out! :tada:

That’s awesome to hear! :raised_hands:


The new Fast Track is now available for 10 languages from English! :tada:

Chinese, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, and Welsh.

Currently in progress:

Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, Dutch, French, Persian, Turkish, and Ukrainian.


Your proposal has two fundamental issues:

First, the Clozemaster Japanese course gives you sentences with {{cloze-word}}s like these:

  1. {{beautiful smile}} ({{素敵な笑顔}})
  2. {{beaut}}iful smile ({{素敵}}な笑顔)
  3. {{beautiful}} smile ({{素敵な}}笑顔)
  4. beautiful {{smile}} (素敵な{{笑顔}})
  5. {{person whose smile is beautiful}} ({{笑顔が素敵な}})

That’s the meaning of “improper lemmatization”. There is no ground rule how to carve out a {{cloze-word}} from a sentence. Therefore, the current Clozemaster system counts the number of learned words as five. But the most rational number is two: 素敵な and 笑顔.

Second, counting the number of unique Kanji (Chinese characters imported to Japanese) - instead of “cloze words” - doesn’t indicate your vocab size. Some Japanese words consist of more than one Kanji. Some Japanese words do not contain Kanji at all. One Kanji can be used in more than one different words.

Suppose that you know Kanji 素 (meaning: base; source) and 敵 (meaning: enemy) independently. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you also understand 素敵な (wonderful; fantastic), 素直な (honest; obedient; naïve), 素性 (identity; real background), 素質 (competency; talent) and 匹敵 (comparable; equal).

FYI: This improper lemmatization causes some other issues like this (re: Embedding Wiktionary pop-up). I’m not the only one who complained about the issue.


@MsFixer: I understand nothing :smiley: but it sounds as though you know what you’re talking about. :slightly_smiling_face: You have my support as I plan to soon start the Japanese track myself. :+1:

Would love a New Fast Track for Polish!

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While I was glad to see the banner for the new Fluency Fast Track (“New! We’ve released a new version of the Fast Track…”) once, I don’t need to see it anymore, and it’s taking up valuable screen real estate. Could you please give it an X in the upper right-hand corner so that we can dismiss it once we no longer want to see it?


I have been playing through the new Japanese fast track and submitting errors, is anyone able to point me in the direction of a change log or something similar to see if these errors get fixed?

I get an email each time a sentence I reported has been changed.


I only get one about half the time.

Ah thanks I guess none of mine have been fixed yet, I’ll keep checking!