New collections not available on mobile app?

Hello, sorry if in late to the party, but i just noticed this new and improved fluency fast track is available. They’re not available in my mobile app though. Are they coming soon? My aplogies if i missed something.

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Which app, Apple or Android?

On Android I can see a single button for Fluency Fast Track:

Clicking on that takes me into the new, broken down by frequency FFT groups:

As for where the FFT button is, it depends on what your [Collections:] button at the bottom of the screen says.

If it’s “List” it will appear… somewhere (it looks like the collections are in the order last played), whereas if you select “Grouped” it should be straight under your played stats for the day.

I don’t know if it’s been implemented yet in the mobile apps, or not.

Three weeks ago, you could start the new Fluency Track only in the browser. But you can continue it in the mobile app, after you started it in the web browser.


@Vito89 this is the case at the moment. Aiming to get an update released within the next week or so to make it generally available in the mobile app as well.