Narrative Cloze Collections for comprehensible input

I would like to import a short story or article and work through it in order. When I import by pasting the text and having clozemaster randomly select a cloze word it works well, the sentences in the collection are in the original order. But when I work through the collection the sentences come in random order, and I can’t see where to change this. Is there a way to do this? If there is a way to play sentences in order then I would probably use Clozemaster mostly in this mode. There is no text-to-speech in my language yet, but that doesn’t deter me.

One other feature that would be amazing: a single-click to randomly reset all clozewords in the collection. And hey, while we’re at it, another interesting feature would be the ability to click on any word in the sentence and open up a popup window with examples of that word taken from the Clozemaster database of sentences. So here’s hoping for something like that, I think these features would be a great way to encourage more reading and learning, and I’m happy to renew my subscription to help fund the required programming.


There is the little dialogue when you create the collection, where you can choose “Play in order: Added / created at”, but I’ve already tried adding sentences in different ways, and while in the overview they do appear in order, they indeed don’t get played in order. Neither when I add all sentences at once, neither when I add them manually one by one, not even when intentionally waiting until the clock has progressed to the next minute, in order to be sure it doesn’t accidentally register them as having been added at the same time.

I’m now going to try to add one sentence per day, in case it just goes off date without time, but even on the off chance that it does end up working in that way, that’s not really a feasible way of building up an ordered collection :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, if I don’t forget to add sentences to that over the coming days, I should know early next week whether that does work I guess.


@sindaco I’ll be very interested in the results of your experiment, but yeah, that seems a bit tedious, there must be an easier way.


Soo, just added the 5th sentence, chose to “play” them in a round of 5, in case it was my standard “infinite” setting which might have resulted in random orders previously…

It started with sentence 1, then 2… then 5 :frowning: followed by 3 and 4

Now perhaps it was because I’d just added the 5th sentence only minutes before, so will perform one final test tomorrow (I’ve reset the collection, so as to hopefully clear the order established today), but I guess it’s safe to say there’s currently no method at all for playing them in order, not even if patiently adding them day by day.

We had some discussion on playing sentences from books in the correct order in this post.

As far as I know, it’s not currently possible to play sentences in the order you upload them.


Yeah, despite the “Play in order: Added / created at” option being available when you create the collection, just confirmed, even after daily addition of sentences, and waiting one day to play the collection, it’s still completely random at the moment.

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Too bad, this would be a tremendous feature. @mike any plans for such a feature? The thread referred to above by @kadrian used the term Clozebooks—good one!


Thanks for letting us know! We should have a fix up within the next 2 weeks. Longer term we are indeed aiming for Clozebooks :slight_smile: :books:


Many thanks as always Mike! Sounds interesting :books: :wink:

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