My weekly score and my Indonesian score haven't reset

My weekly score on the Everyone leaderboard and my weekly score for the Indonesian from English course failed to reset to zero last Sunday (September 22). Is there any way to correct this? I’m #1 on both leaderboards as result of this, which isn’t fair to other users.

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This week mine hasn’t reset on the main leaderboard, though it has for French.

This happens frequently - can this bug be addressed?

@mike Can you fix this?

My last weeks score carried over to the new leaderboard as well, putting me incorrectly at the top. It is possible that this is caused when someone starts a lesson just before the end of the week, and finishes after the leaderboard switches over to the new week.

Should now be updated - sorry about that and thanks for letting me know!

Similar problem on the Romanian board this week. One player’s score from last week has carried over.

Mike? Is there a way to get this looked at? @mike ?

Apologies for the slow reply! The leaderboard for learning Romanian from English seems to be quite even at the moment - which user do you think had their score carried over? Will check that it resets correctly for the upcoming week, likely a glitch with our reset process that we’re working to improve.

Mike, thanks for getting this reset.

Error. Disregard this message.

It’s happened again. Both my overall total for the week and my weekly total for the Indonesian from English course did not reset. All my weekly totals for my other courses reset normally.

Thanks for letting us know! Should be all set. The next major update has a fix, please let me know of course if you notice any more issues in the meantime. Also - impressive streak/score, and for so many languages! :astonished: :raised_hands:

Hi @mike, my score hasn’t reset on the French leaderboard this week.

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Thanks for letting me know! Should be all set.

Hi @mike, same problem this week, this time on the main leaderboard.

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Thanks for letting me know! Should be all set.


Happened again, on the Romanian leaderboard. (I sent a message to Support as well.)

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I’m wondering if there’s a chance we could get the Romanian leaderboard looked at? Thanks.

Hello @Romanophile! The leaderboard appears to be loading correctly - what’s the particular issue you’re referring to? Thanks!

I replied privately… but the leaderboard was not ‘loading correctly’ for one player. It got fixed later though, on Thursday morning. Thanks, Mike.