My language courses are all out of order now (scroll down for poll)

Before the update my courses were listed in descending order by the length of the daily streak in each. Now they’re all jumbled. Will this sort itself out on its own or will it need to be fixed?

I noticed that in the drop-down menu when I click on the active course icon in the top right-hand corner that courses appear listed by the current level which, ugh, no, please.

I have been hoping to have a way to order the courses as I wish, to group them by language family and personal priority, rather than by streak or level–is that an option with this update?


OK, this is extremely aggravating and I do hope the Clozemaster team addresses this:

It appears that the courses on my profile will re-order (sort of) by the order I play them and how many points I earn that day? That is so arbitrary and not helpful.

This fluid re-ordering of the course list on the profile is made worst by how the course list on the drop down menu is static. If I’m looking for a specific course, it’s in a different place on the list depending on where I’m looking for it. Are you trying to drive us multilingualists away???

One of the things that I have found Clozemaster very beneficial for is it gave me some routine when studying multiple languages at varying levels and varying intensity. This brings chaos to what was a source of routine.


Addressed! Thanks for reporting and apologies for the aggravation. The language pairings in the username menu and on your profile are now alphabetical by the target language name. This seemed best for consistency, both between the two and day-to-day.

Please let us know of course if you think something else might work better. Custom ordering is probably still a ways off. Thanks again!

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Alphabetical is annoying. Let’s go back to ordering by streak, please. I’ve been a Pro member for several years and my main thrust is Japanese and French. I’m used to French and Japanese being on top and selecting them easily. I have a 90 day streak in both of them. Now, Japanese is at the very END of my list of languages, so I have to scroll way down, and French is behind Danish-Eng Danish-French neither of which I’ve touched much this month. I’m sure the ordering doesn’t matter for people studying one, two, or three languages, but it does for me.

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Thanks for all the feedback! @adrianxu mentioned the same regarding the ordering in Profile languages order - Clozemaster - Clozemaster.

Poll goes until Wednesday morning Eastern time. We’ll also try making it a toggle-able option a bit further down the line once we get caught up on update bug fixes.

How would you like to see your language pairings listed in the username menu and on your profile?

  • Alphabetical
  • Current streak

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Daily goal updated in Android 2.6.2+ (2.6.3 should be out within the next few days if not sooner) to include the points played for the day.

Anything else just let us know. Thanks again!

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  1. Order by streak
  2. For languages with an equal number of streak days, order between these by score
  3. Lastly, in case both the streak and the score are equal between languages, order between these alphabetically

My reasoning for this more “complex” order can be explained with one example…
Imagine that you don’t use CM for a day… All languages go back to 0 streak… Rule 2 takes care of this situation, by ordering those languages by score, which kind of makes sense imo… Rule 3 is just a fallback scenario, 99% of the time it won’t be necessary.


What’s the holdup in getting the languages ordered primarily by streak again in the display? We’ve had a few write passionately about how the primary sorting by alphabet (instead of secondary or tertiary) makes it clumsy for polyglots, and we’ve even voted (and won) on changing it back. This is just a correction of a bad idea that was implemented, not a new feature request. I’m still having to scroll all the way down to select Japanese instead of having it at the top. It makes no sense having Japanese listed at the very bottom of my 14 language pairings when Japanese is my most active language. Please change it back.


Thanks for the follow up and apologies for the delay! We should have a fix up within the next week or so.


@mike It’s nice to see that mods care about the community opinion! :grin:

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Implemented! If you go to your Account on the web you should now see options for Alphabetical and Streak under Language Pairing Order.



Thanks for implementing!