Most frequent words?

Hounestly, don’t know where you get your lists from, just an example in the top 1000 words I found “new york” this goes for the German words/verbs as well. Really should be fixed ASAP
Such a great platform and efficient too, uploading the “correct” list by frequency should be easy enough.
BTW it’s the German that I’m talking about

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Thanks for letting us know! The lists were generated from subtitles and various texts which is why the occasional name pops up. We try to avoid them to the extent possible, but a few still make it in. If you report it by clicking the red button with the flag icon bottom right you’ll no longer see it and we’ll be notified.

Thanks for the update. Wouldn’t it be better though to simply use one of the already established/published frequency lists?

Probably :slight_smile: Do you have any in mind?