More granular review scheduling

When learning new vocabulary, I would find it useful to have the first review earlier than the next day, maybe just after one hour. Having a shorter review interval, apart from helping me learn better, would also be beneficial as it would stop me from accumulating a huge backlog for the next day on days that I am really busy.

Unfortunately, It seems that the review granularity is only by the day, even for 25 %. I don’t need higher granularity for the higher percentages, but for the first review it should be possible to choose a fraction of a day, maybe by the hour.


I am using Anki to study for my CCNA cert and I noticed this too. Seeing the same cards over and over really helps me memorize them.

Now, this might not be so useful for Italian - where Clozemaster helps me remember a word in context - and I am also practicing word order. However, being able to configure more “granular review scheduling” would help me begin learning a language like Spanish, Portuguese, or French from scratch. Having a review for a cloze a few minutes later after I’ve seen it for the first time would be more useful than seeing it a day later. This might be able to make Clozemaster more useful closer to the beginner level. As it is, I couldn’t make use of it until I hit the intermediate level.

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