'Mode-builder' - combining Clozemaster features together

This is probably pretty pie-in-the-sky as a feature request - just putting it out there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m really loving CM - there are so many well thought out features to practice your target language, from a number of angles and across a broad range of difficulties.

What would be really fantastic would be if we could have more fine grained control over how these features fit together.

For example:

  • I love the ‘Listening’ skill to build my ear
  • I love the ‘Speaking’ skill to improve my pronunciation
  • I love the text input for improving spelling / learning my French accents on words I know quite well, and if I know it really well, I like to do it without the hints
  • I prefer multiple choice for new ones I’m just getting to know.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could play a mode that worked like this:

For each sentence:

Play the audio of the sentence, THEN
IF the word is > 75% mastery:
	Asks me to type in the word without hints
	Then asks me to record it
ELSEIF the word is > 25% mastery:
	Asks me to type in the word with hints
	Then asks me to record it
	Displays multiple choice with sentence translation and asks me to record my answer

What I’m visualising is some sort of ‘mode-builder’ feature that lets you define a ‘flow’ for how each sentence should be handled. This could perhaps be like a click-and-dragable flow chart where you can drag actions (like ‘Play sentence audio’ or ‘Request text input’) out of a toolbox.


This is amazing. And of course the developers could do this gradually without providing full programmability. I was going to ask for a way to make CM give me multiple choice X times and then require typing Y times. Seems like that could be added to the preferences where you specify repetition intervals without changing too much code.