Mejor te hubieras ido de ahí el lunes.

This translation doesn’t seem correct. I mean, the word, the cloze, is fine, but this looks more like “you should’ve left from there Monday”.

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Maybe the past subjunctive is used in the sense of a polite request?

I really struggled for a long time to wrap my brain around this expression, however after asking around, I learned that it is correct, and surprisingly similar to the English expression ‘You had better …’. Note, this also refers to a hypothetical future event using the past perfect of ‘have’. Grammar is weird.

– Edit –

It occurred to me later that one reason I struggled with this expression is the English version felt so alien. I mean who says, You had better …? Then it dawned on me, I do say this all the time but with a contraction, You’d better …. I mean Doh!

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The Tatoeba sentence has been changed to “Es mejor que salgas de allí el lunes”.