Me siento cómodo en su compañía.

English Translation

I feel comfortable in his company.

missing “de él” here in the written sentence

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You wouldn’t normally append “de él” or “de ella” unless you want to emphasize or clarify whose company you are referring to.


Hi @morbrorper, I fully agree with your helpful gramatical advice (although, since you’re more knowledgeable than me in Spanish that might not count for much :joy:).

However, I noted that @datsunking1 specifically mentioned “in the written sentence”, so I went and listened to the sentence using the search function. I was randomly given the lady Clozemaster voice, and she clearly says de él at the end of the sentence - albeit with a long pause between compañía and de él. I don’t know whether the gentleman voice says the same thing or not (ojalá we could individually select the invidual Clozemaster voices as was suggested in a recent feature request :grin:).

Therefore, I think that this was intended to be a report/comment about a difference between the spoken and written forms in Clozemaster.